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Body 18"
Col. 18/16/613
Clip On 14"
Col. P18/613
Clip On 18"
Col. 1
Euro Weft 14"
Col. 8

Dream Girl Microbond brings the power of beauty in strands.

We each have our own beauty routines. You might be getting ready for a night out, for work or just popping to the shops but there is fun in the preparation. We all have our favourite brushes, products, pots of creams and makeup that is as familiar to us as the face we’re looking at in the mirror. If we’re honest, it helps us feel confident, beautiful and at our best.

There are some of us who, as part of the routine when like to go to salon. We like being pampered, petted and handing over the responsibility to someone else. Stylists are professionals after all.

There’s nothing like that feeling of walking out the salon with a new “do”. But, if we’re honest, we don’t want anything that’s too time-intensive we want something that’s quick, easy and as simple as 1, 2, 3.

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We want to say thank you.

Fashion and beauty can often seem all about what’s on the outside.

After all a lot of the time we’re talking to you about ways of making your hair look great, or tapping in to the latest cosmetic trends. It might make you think we don’t care about you as people, although we do.

You see at Dream Girl a big part of our job, as we see it, is making you feel at your very best. It’s not just about the beauty on the outside; it’s what is on the inside that counts. If you feel confident, glamorous and stylish on the outside then chances are it gives you a boost on the inside. If Dream Girl helps you feel like that for just a little bit then we think it’s worth it. Remember our New Face, that’s why we picked someone who was just like you. Anyone can be a Dream Girl.

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